Association of Professional Social Workers & Development Practitioners (APSWDP)

Presentation on Climate Change for NSS Volunteers at Mt. Carmel School

A presentation on Climate Change for NSS volunteers was delivered by Mr. Navneet Trivedi at Mt.Carmel School, Sector 47, Chandigarh on 17 and 20 Dec 2015.

The event was organised by Ms. Sumita Dogra, NSS Co-ordinator of the school.

Children were very enthusiastic to know about the basic sciences along with the realities of climate change and what they could do towards its mitigation.

Few volunteers even committed to take up environmental conservation projects in their school premises like utilisation of RO waste water, tree plantation, setting of optimal temperatures in air conditioners, waste segregation etc.

Secretary General, APSWDP along with Dr. Sumit Arora, Climate Leader/Presenter and student volunteer Mr. Fateh Phoolka were also present and shared their views on climate change with the school children.