Association of Professional Social Workers & Development Practitioners (APSWDP)
APSWDP is registerd with DARPAN (NGO Portal), NITI Aayog (formerly Planning Commission), Govt. Of India  
Commemorated World Social Work Day 2018 with Carmel Convent School and State Legal Service Authority. Click here to view!  
Proceeding of International Conference on Mountain Cities, Climate Change and Sustainable Development, 6-8 Nov, 2018 in partnership with APSWDP as knowledge and Network Partner. Click here to view!  


Association of Professional Social Workers & Development Practitioners (APSWDP) is a registered not for profit professional association of professional social workers and development practitioners working in various social welfare domain across the country. Social issues like poverty, livelihood, health, education, water & sanitation, unemployment, disease control programme, urbanisation, youth issues of de-addiction and others have covered the whole gamut government, development agencies and academic institutions. Since, the influx of specialization and expertise has increased over the current decade in the country among implementation agencies, then requirement of trained social work professionals and practitioners is indeed a factual requirement. The association focuses on creating a country wide and global network of dedicated social work professionals and development practitioners from remote geographical rural areas, to discuss, debate and develop key framework on evidence & practice based interventions, methods. Focus will be to enable social workers and development practitioners all around the globe to share their ideas and working on various development issues. APSWDP will also offer a platform to youth leaders, scholars/researchers with striving passion to participate in bringing reformation through correctional measures in existing policies.