Association of Professional Social Workers & Development Practitioners (APSWDP)

Key Objectives

In order to achieve the Aims the Association shall:
1. Work for developing cooperation between Professional Social workers in the Country.
2. Organizing workshops, conferences, social work forums, exposure visits, researches, field projects for the promotion and expansion of Professional Social Work.
3. Work for building relationships between local Social Work organizations & their members to International organizations and bodies.
4. Engaging with political leaders, researchers, corporate icons, technologists in the country with the view to fostering cooperation among Professional Social Worker & international issues, including UN organizations.
5. Focus on strengthening relationship with professional Social Work organizations with SAARC countries with the view to provide impetus on regional development.
6. Establish working relationship between social work scholars, statesman administrators and corporate leaders in the country.
7. Undertake focused area based studies targeting international social issues with respect to Indian context.
8. Work for innovative development models through Public Private Partnership in Social Work profession.
9. Develop a think tank of Social work professionals so that this can provide solutions & action plan to complex social issues of national importance to national, state and local government.
10. Examine social work curriculum taught by the universities from the prospective of professional career with a view to improving credibility of Social Work Profession.
11. Develop statistical tool and evidence based indicators pertaining to human development.