Association of Professional Social Workers & Development Practitioners (APSWDP)

Programme Activities

The Association shall strive to achieve its aims and objectives by undertaking the following activities:
1. Conduct of Training Courses with an inter-stakeholder approach where Social Work professional, policy makers, Civil Society representatives are invited for cross fertilization of ideas.
2. Development of Case Studies and documentation of best practices from Social Workers working in various organizations.
3. Conduct of Research Studies with emphasis on primary research through sample surveys, use of SPSS and other sophisticated statistical software and qualitative methods of research including Focus Group Interviews and Participant Observation.
4. Organization of Seminars, Workshops and Symposia for in-depth discussion on focused subjects: more and more about less and less!
5. Publication of a periodical Technical Journal/ News bulletin on Social Work and Development sector addressing frontier research and critical analytical techniques on the one hand and best practices in difficult existential situations on the other hand.
6. Special emphasis on Trainee Assignments in the form of Syndicate Reports, Individual Assignments and other instrumentalities with a view to challenging the Trainees capacity to think and imbibe critical knowledge and skills.
7. Converting Research Studies into priced publications, monographs and reports with a view to sharing of project experiences and research outcomes.
8. Participation in citizens advocacy campaigns with a view to bringing about actual improvements on the ground.
9. Starting of Research Portals for sharing research outcomes with other researchers and program implementing teams.
10. Any other work deemed fit by the Governing Body in Social Welfare domain w.r.t any developmental project, international humanitarian context, international tie-ups with educational institutions, international trusts, organizations including intergovernmental and others.
11. Initiate, hold, direct, manage, take part in and contribute to conferences, congress, meetings, lectures and demonstrations on any aspect of Social Work Profession and social welfare for the purpose of advancing any of the objectives of the association.
12. Hold an Annual Convention and periodic meetings or conferences, CME of members of the association and of the social work and social development profession in general.
13. The association can join/partner any global forum and federation or allied Federations.
14. The association can establish its own academy, university, institute in future.