Association of Professional Social Workers & Development Practitioners (APSWDP)


The Secretariat is headed by Secretary General. The office of Secretary General is responsible for overall management of association as per following key functions:-

1. The Secretary General will prepare the draft Agendas of the Governing Body and the General Assembly and get them only approved by the President. Thereafter, he/she will circulate the said Agenda to the members of the General Assembly or the Governing Body as the case may be. While circulating the Agenda, the Secretary General shall circulate the action taken on the Minutes of the previous meeting.
2. The Secretary General shall maintain the Membership Register showing full particulars of all the members of the Society and the Minutes of each meeting.
3. The Secretary General, after preparing the drafts minutes of each meeting of the Governing Body or the General Assembly shall get the said minutes approved /signed by the President. Thereafter, circulate them to the members of the concerned bodies.
4. The Secretary General shall maintain the website and data bank of the society as well as prepare all necessary documents required by the President or the Governing Body from time to time.
5. The Secretary General shall get the accounts of the Society audited by a qualified Auditor appointed by the Governing Body.

In view of above functions, Secretary General Office is supported by staff including Programme Officers (Honorary) and other expert subordinates for account & audit, IT etc.